Sceptre C248W-1920RN Review: Decent Curved Monitor for Mixed Usage

Our Verdict:
The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a decent curved monitor that is easy on the wallet. It is a great choice for the office or work usage, multimedia consumption, and light gaming. Its decent image quality, respectable contrast levels, and curved screen make watching movies and playing games more immersive. It is also eye-friendly and has thin bezels that allow you to run multi-monitor setups with fewer distractions. Overall, the Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a great choice and can be afforded by most.

Image Quality:
Value for Money:
Overall :

What’s Good

  • Impressive Image Quality
  • High contrast ratio
  • Thin Bezel Design
  • Eye-Friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • Curved Screen

What’s Bad

  • Tilt-only Stand
  • No DisplayPort

What is Sceptre C248W-1920RN

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is one of the most affordable curved monitors in the market. It also comes with few other features that make it a decent monitor for all-round usage. Read this review to find out more about it.

Sceptre C248W-1920RN - Image Quality

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a 23.6-inch Full HD (1920×1080) Monitor. It has a curvature of 1800R. It is based on a VA panel. VA panels are mostly used in curved monitors. They have superior contrast levels than other panels.

The image quality of this monitor is decent. You do not get any washed-out images as you see in TN panels. This monitor has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a brightness level of 250-nits.

The overall brightness of this monitor is high despite the standard brightness rating. The high contrast level makes the Images look vibrant. They also have a certain depth to them that will make watching movies and playing games more immersive. It also results in an impressive greyscale performance. The blacks appear deeper and the whites appear brighter.

This monitor has a pixel density of 93PPI. This makes the text and images appear sharp and crisp looking. The colors are accurate. Though they are not at the level of IPS monitors, they are decent for a casual PC user.

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN has a wide 178° viewing angle. You won’t notice any changes in colors, brightness, and contrast unless viewed from extreme and unconventional angels.

The screen has an anti-glare coating that will diffuse reflections. You can comfortably work on it even in bright environments.

The monitor we reviewed had no major issues of backlight bleeding and it did not have any dead pixels on it.

Sceptre C248W-1920RN Review

Sceptre C248W-1920RN - Design, Ergonomics and Connectivity

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN comes in a simple design. It has thin bezels that minimize distractions and maximize the viewing area of the monitor.

Though Sceptre advertises this monitor as an Edgeless monitor, this monitor comes with thin bezels. No monitor in the market is truly bezel-less or edgeless. They are simply marketing jargon. All Edgeless and bezel-less monitors have thin bezels.

This monitor is made up of plastic. The quality of the plastic is decent. It is durable. The OSD (On-Screen Display) buttons are placed on the backside of this monitor toward the right. The buttons are responsive. The middle button helps you turn on/off this monitor and the rest of the buttons are used to navigate the menu.

The cabinet is supported by a circular base. The stand is sturdy and doesn’t wobble. In terms of ergonomic capabilities, you’re only limited to -5°/15° tilt. Other capabilities like height adjustment, screen rotation, and swivel options are absent.

This monitor can be connected to a third-party stand or wall-mounted using a 75x75mm VESA mount.

The connectivity options of the Sceptre C248W-1920RN include 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x VGA. You also get a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It also has 2x 2W built-in speakers. They are not too loud. They should be enough for basic tasks like watching movies and playing games in small spaces. For a better experience, I suggest you invest in external speakers.

Sceptre C248W-1920RN - Gaming Performance

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN has a refresh rate of 75Hz. Though it is a small bump from the 60Hz rating you see on most monitors, the change in smoothness during gameplay is noticeable.

Both HDMI and VGA Ports support 75Hz. It will operate on 60Hz by default. You can find out how to change the refresh rate of a monitor using this article.

This monitor has a response time of 8ms. Its input lag is around 12ms and is imperceptible. The response time will be an issue only if you’re a competitive gamer. For most casual gamers, there will be no problems.

There were no issues of ghosting or motion blur. You might notice them in darker areas of the game once in a while.

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN doesn’t support Variable refresh rate technologies like AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync.

This monitor is not made of competitive gaming so the lack of features like FreeSync etc. can be understandable. It is a good choice for casual gaming and console gaming. If you are a casual gamer, you will have no problems using it. This monitor is also a good choice for budget multi-monitor setups.

Sceptre C248W-1920RN - Additional Features

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN comes with eye-care features that will allow you to work on it for long hours without any eyestrain and headaches. It has a blue light filter and it is also flicker-free. You can comfortably concentrate on your work without worrying about your eye health.

It also comes with a few image pre-sets like Movie, Eco, Standard for watching movies and RTS, FPS for playing games.

If you’re not satisfied with the pre-sets, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature, and also few advanced color options like gamma, saturation, backlight intensity using the OSB buttons.

Monitors similar to Sceptre C248W-1920RN

The Philips 246E9QDSB is an excellent alternative to the Sceptre C248W-1920RN. It is available at a lower price than the Sceptre C248W-1920RN and has a wider color gamut, 75Hz refresh rate and FreeSync support. It offers better value for money. You should surely look into it.

The Acer SB220Q is a good choice if you want a simple monitor without too many features. It has a 22-inch screen and a frameless design. You can get it for less than $100.

The HP VH240a is a high-quality monitor that is similar in price to the Sceptre C248W-1920RN. It offers a fully ergonomic stand and an impressive image quality. It is a great choice for everyday usage.

The AOC 24B2XH is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple monitor for office use. It costs you less than the Sceptre C248W-1920RN but doesn’t have built-in speakers and a 75Hz refresh rate.

The ASUS VA24EHE is another excellent alternative to the Sceptre C248W-1920RN. It has a 75Hz refresh rate, comes in IPS panel, supports FreeSync, and is perfect for everyday usage. It also comes at a lower price than the Sceptre C248W-1920RN.

Sceptre C248W-1920RN Review - Final Thoughts

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is an admirable all-round monitor that takes care of the needs of most of its users be it an office going professional or a casual PC user. It is also one of the most affordable curved monitors in the market. It is definitely worth the money when you consider its 75Hz refresh rate, high contrast levels, eye-care features, etc. Overall you will be satisfied with this monitor.

Who should buy the Sceptre C248W-1920RN?

1.Those who want an affordable eye-friendly monitor for work and programming.

2.Those who are looking for a pocket-friendly monitor for regular usage like browsing the web, working on MS Office, watching movies, and YouTube.

3.Those who are into casual gaming and console gaming on PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

4.Those who want a curved monitor with thin bezels for multi-monitor setups

Sceptre C248W-1920RN Specifications

Screen Size:23.6-inch
Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Screen Curvature: 1800R
Panel Type: VA
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate: 75Hz
Response Time: 8ms (GtG)
Adaptive Sync: Not Supported
Ports: 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x VGA
Speakers: 2x2W
Headphone Jack: Yes
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 (static)
Colors: 16.7 million
VESA: Yes (75x75mm)
Dimensions(W x H x D): 21.3 x 8 x 15.9 inches
Weight: 6.61lbs
Sceptre C248W-1920RN Review: Decent Curved Monitor for Mixed Usage

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN Review covers everything you need to know about it. All Pros and Cons are explained. Sceptre C248W-1920RN Specs are also mentioned.

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